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Starting from the Solar Energy Department of Fu-Ta Material Technology Co., Ltd., Futa GE, as the leader to related domestic solar energy industries, was merged by integrating the Photovoltaic Department and professional engineering and construction units of Fu-Ta Material Technology in 2017 to provide EPCM services for small and medium solar stations: station design (engineering), component sales (procurement), installation (construction), and maintenance.

As one of a few professional solar station with experienced design, R & D and manufacturing teams in Taiwan, we have a good knowledge of the characteristics and installation know-how of solar panels and components to provide small and medium solar stations with the most effective engineering, procurement, and construction services of related equipment, as well as solar station management and maintenance services, including cleaning. Our rich and complete know-how has earned critical acclaim from customers.

Power Plants Investment

The initial assessment will be done by the Business Sales Center, after which an investment analysis review will be done by the Investment and Operations Division. Through pre-investment analysis by the professional team, a comprehensive investment benefit analysis of the power plant can be performed for the client and company, to reduce investment risks.

Power Plant Construction

Site inspection and initial assessment will be done by the Business Sales Center. It is then forwarded to the Investment and Operations Division for further analysis and review. The Engineering Center will conduct the planning and engineering of the power plant; the Procurement Center and the contractors will confirm the specifications and prices of items. A project coordinator will manage and control the progress of each site, and the construction of the power plant can be accomplished through the division of work.

Power Plant Maintenance and Management

Upon completion of the power plant, management of each site will be transferred to the operations unit to monitor the sites’ actual power generation status via a cloud monitoring system, as well as for maintenance purposes. This is expected to shorten the time the workers need to reach the maintenance sites, and to guarantee the efficiency of each site’s power generation.

Futa GE persists in utilizing green innovation and launching a green economy, so that we may change our lives together.

What We Do

Optimal Solutions for Small and Medium Solar Energy Plant

Onsite inspection

After signing the letter of intent, our professional engineering team will conduct an onsite inspection and survey to understand the field condition. The inspection and survey will include photography and illumination measurement and a full record of the actual needs of owners and site details.


After integrating the onsite inspection and survey data, we will estimate the generation capacity, plan related equipment, consider related feeder wiring, distribution and storage facilities, and generation monitoring needs for planning and drawing production.

Contract Execution

Both parties will sign the equipment, lease, installation, and maintenance contracts.


Based on the contract contents, we will proceed with the procurement of related equipment, construction team scheduling, pre-entry cleanup, structure fortification, rack/support installation, solar panel installation, wiring, system layout, system test, and completion cleanup.


The construction team and project manager will proceed with the generation performance test after project completion and proceed with the inspection and acceptance of related items.


We also provide cleanup and maintenance services by concluding maintenance contracts according to the owner’s actual needs to proceed with system cleanup and maintenance services to ensure optimal generation and system stability.

Solar Power Generating


Houli District, Taichung City 140.66KW


2017/11 Online Generating

Changhua County, Changhua Coastal Industrial Park 302.9KW


2017/12 Online Generating

Taichung Harbor Industrial Park 499.98KW


2018/01 Online Generating

Taichung Harbor Related Industrial Park 499.98KW


2018/02 Online Generating

Shengang Township, Changhua County 491.84KW


2018/03 Online Generating

Factory Roof Changhua County 1913.34KW



Factory Office Building Roof, Taichung City - 130.02KW




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